Thyme Made Smart Goals Infographic

As a former runner, there was nothing I loved more than crossing the finish line. My training always determined my results of that race. Did I have the right energy level, did I get shin splints, was my body hydrated? All of those answers determined not just if I crossed the line but how quickly I crossed it. The small little unnoticed goals I accomplished long before the race began were small indicators of my race day results. While my younger self crossed those finish lines with less effort and more speed than my current self, the lessons given to me as a young athlete transferred to my business life seamlessly, in fact, I didn’t even give my younger self credit for having any discipline. Thinking that it didn’t arrive before I turned 30.
When I think about setting goals my motivation piles up in either the badass superhero stack or girls just wanna have fun and forget about adulting stack. Frankly, I think it is important to have goals in both stacks. My personal fun and exciting goals have included things like: listening to more live music, reading historical fiction, wearing statement accessories and traveling for pleasure every quarter. These types of goals have supported my overall strategic plan of love much, give often and teach stewardship.
This year is no different, I will set fun goals as well as big hairy audacious business goals. To build the right environment for creating clarity, I set time aside to review my past year. I pulled out my past and current planners, I reread some journal entries, and scrolled through my electronic calendar to remember key events.

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As I take time to remember what went well, what failed miserably and what brought me joy I allow those events to be anchored in my thoughts, so I can build on that momentum for my new goal setting session. My emotions became activated because I laughed at a few silly photos, cried at my heartbreak of losing some loved ones and ended my session with a deep cleansing breath, grateful that the year finally ended.
It is my philosophy that setting goals that can be accomplished within three months embeds urgency. When you have twelve months to get something done, procrastination can sneak into the agenda. When the endorphin high of feeling those goals being done quickly, momentum is inevitable.
In my business, I have several streams of revenue that have specific goals yet my overall goals are not placed on lag factors that are out of my control. I have placed an emphasis on helping a certain amount of people, each week. Making a certain amount of  appointments that can be tracked, this is what I can control. I have come to realize that who I help and what they need, will vary the specific amount of revenue that will flow into my business.
And to look through the lens of revenue based goals would stop me from seeing the person. At this time, my focus is on creating value, and knowing that when I focus on people versus dollars, dollars can’t help but show up, they are a natural side effect of focusing on value.

This year, as we ignore the voices saying, what is the point, I challenge you to  tart with the fun, exciting and relational type of goals that bring goal and clarity to the why of your more practical, character stretching powerful business goals.
I expect more smiles, more intentional moments that lead to better relationships. I can’t wait for the reflective mirror of social media to remind me how well I served up value. Here is to the public scrutiny of doing what I say I am going to do! Goals can be fun and so rewarding when based on realistic, specific criteria that can be done simply and now! Need clarity, let’s book an appointment and see if I can help you gain clarity and set some SMART goals that will help you feel confident and serve you best.

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