Monetizing your Tasks Blog

I love sugar! One of my favorite ways to consume sugar is through pie. I love cream pies, fruit pies and holiday themed pies. In a perfect world, I grab a small slice of several different pies on my plate at the buffet because I want to have a small bite ofall the offered varieties. I don’t need to eat everything on my plate nor the entire pieon the counter. I do however savor each bite, appreciating the aesthetics, the time and energy required to let me eat this special treat. And most importantly how that sugar on my tongue brings me euphoria. I may even have a cup of coffee to offset the sugar high that is imminent.
Have you also noticed when attending a potluck event or anything where you are lined up to grab food from a buffet that no one wants to be the first one to slice the pie? That first slice is always a little messy and bits and pieces may not make it to the intended plate. The seal has been broken now, all those behind you who were hoping for pie, now, somehow, feel relieved, because they can now take a better piece. This begs the question, are all pieces of the pie created equal and is there more value to each slice. And for that matter, when looking over the selection of pies, are all pies created equal? What gives it value?

It is easy to get so lost in our work that we don’t actually know if we have spent our time wisely. We understand that no tall tasks are created equal, nor do we believe all tasks have the same rewards. Monetary value is certainly only one piece of the pie yet have we given it enough thought when determining how that task is ranked on the list?

As an entrepreneur, we constantly need to be evaluating how our task list matches up to our bottom line. In other positions, while it is important to, it isn’t always as critical OR is it? If we acted more like a self-employed entrepreneur in our stable W-2 job, would our task list take on a more focused approach and would in turn optimize the bottom line?

I think we can believe our goals are much like the buffet table. When we look to see what we value and what we want, we can decide what items on the buffet will get us closer to our goals. And when deciding which slice of pie is best, perhaps we will put a better value on what we choose to eat. And when we are creating our task list, perhaps we will see what will bring better value to our life. If you know, you know! So, what slice are you going to take?