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Have you ever heard the saying… “if it isn’t on your calendar it doesn’t exist”? What happens when it is on your calendar, but it didn’t actually happen. With great intentions we set appointments but creating a calendar invite doesn’t actually make it happen. Much like carrying a bottle of water doesn’t mean we are drinking water. I also realize setting an alarm on our phone doesn’t actually mean we took our medications.

Sometimes, after a busy week, I will often sit contemplating how I spent my time. I will question, why am I so tired? Did I really do anything worthy of exhaustion? I will look at my calendar app and wonder, did I really do everything it reminded me to do?

There are two places that don’t lie about our activities…the laundry basket (or whatever location is storing your dirty clothes) and the bank account. Now if you just took cash out, then it isn’t AS revealing but it still holds clues.

The first time I watched the movie, The Hangover, I was shocked and amazed that an entire group of grown adults couldn’t remember all the crazy that occurred. If you are like me, perhaps you laughed at the tiger in a hotel bathroom and cringed hard when we learned the tooth was pulled by its owner. I was dumbfounded that they spent an entire day trying to piece things together. Yet is there not a bit of hangover amnesia in us all?

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I stand in my kitchen making my Saturday morning coffee, a little groggy, wondering, what did I actually do this week? Was I productive? Was I amess? What went right and what went wrong? As I sort my laundry and balance my account. I can get a clear picture of my to do list and my calendar matchup.
So, if this week you are not suffering from temporary amnesia and you know confidently exactly what did and didn’t get completed, are you feeling like you climbed a mountain slightly oxygen deprived? We are not only overwhelmed by the unending list of items that still need to find their way to completion. We also need to be able to grab enough oxygen to rejuvenate our bodies to attack this list. And now that I think about it, why are checklist like laundry…neither know how to say “The End”

As I gaze out the window watching the leaves dance to a symphony, only they can hear, I drink another sip of my coffee, wishing that just creating calendar appointments had an attachment that included the motivation and the joy it requires to get it to completion. So, what’s next? I stand up, put my now empty cup into the sink and make a decision. Today, regardless of the distracting voices in my head, I will accomplish what is a priority. I put it on the list for a reason. I gave it space on my calendar, for a reason. And I know my past self had the confidence in my future self that I wouldn’t let her down. So, I will hurry up and take the next right step.
Emotions lie, the accomplishment is worth it, so I will do it – quickly. Because earlier this week, I made a decision, it was necessary and important.
Ahhhhhhhhhh, done! Checkmark added. Next?

Ahhhhhhhhhh, done! Checkmark added. Next?

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