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Job vs Career

As we leave our childhood home to embark upon adulthood, there are a few things that never dawn on us. What makes a house a

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The Space for Silence

I have learned to listen to the sound of silence… Despite our busy schedules, and individual roles and demands, our bodies require some form of

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Vacation or Staycation?

When time away from work or school allows, aside from the obvious money question, the main topic for discussion is where to spend our well-earned

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Domino Effect

The “domino effect” is the idea that the outcomes of a number of small actions will compound and ultimately help you to accomplish one larger

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Reading or Listening

When I open the cover of a new book, everything but the world those new words create disappears. The characters truly become my friends… family

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Unexpected Packaging

Stepping onto the porch, I spy a small package sitting by the door. It isn’t flashy or revealing of the contents within. Yet, upon further

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