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Be the light! But which one am I supposed to be? How does my passion, purpose and goals equate to the light and legacy that I am meant to share with those around me? Each type of light has purpose and the lumens it casts are appropriate for its task. I find the comparison game is such a slippery slope that the connected society allows me to always pull out the ruler. That notification banner gives me access to my frenemies progress at any given time

The lights from others can be overwhelming. When it encourages me to continue forward and enlightens me, I am filled with renewed energy and warmth. What my true battle seems to be those times it challenges my light legitimacy. I find myself crouching in the corner of darkness holding my light questioning my qualifications, my message or even the need for me to shine.

I am fascinated by lights. I like to tour neighborhoods and catch glimpses of homes lit up by twinkling lights or colorful floodlights showcasing magnificent landscaping. I also have a deep appreciation for those streetlamps that highlight a curve on a dark road in the country. My chest fills with warmth when I walk into a room full of candles, fresh cut pine logs set afire in a wood stove, or when I see rainbows dancing on a wall from a crystal chandelier. As each fulfills its purpose, I see the parallels because some are meant for focus, some for beauty and many are for function… they have a job to complete and people to help guide. It sounds exactly like people’s dreams.

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It is easy to compare our impact to our light source capacity. We can equate its importance to the amount of people who view it. Is our ruler the like button on social media or the views count on a particular video.

That euphoria and validation that is instantly garnered sends messages to our brain that we are somehow more qualified and now validated. Do I believe in evaluating our progress and impact without hesitation, I say YES! I also believe that how and what we use to measure that progress is EVERYTHING.
I think it is also important to contemplate that like stars in the sky, perhaps we don’t know how long it will take for our light to find all its viewers. It could be for inspiration, for direction or for beauty. And even after we are no longer shining, perhaps the light is still appearing for those who need it.

Do you invest the time to create a plan that supports your dreams and aspirations? When examining your goals, do you see a clear line back to your purpose?

When creating a standard for measuring your progress, do you tend to ask others for validation? And if so, have you confirmed those people want to see you succeed or are they hoping for you to fail?

What is the next best step to let your light flicker in the exact spot it is needed?

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